A close-up look at Giorgio Armani by Martin Scorsese


Giorgio Armani is an icon and his brand is known and adored all over the world. He was born in 1934 and has seen many changes throughout the fashion industry in his time. In 1957 he started his career in fashion as a window dresser at a department store in Milan. During this time he learnt about marketing and selling. Armani moved on to many other companies as a consultant to provide expertise in selling and creating menswear. He launched his eponymous label in 1975.

The Armani Company quickly entered in collaborations with companies such as L’Oréal to create fragrance deals. Armani also expanded into new markets like the USA and made a huge impact in the 1980s as the Armani style of tailoring really came into vogue.

Armani has managed to build a multi-billion pound brand and stay independent in an age where many of the great Italian fashion and luxury brands have been acquired or ceased to exist. Armani understands his customers and has created a number of entities that serve the changing needs of his market.

Giorgio Armani is captured at work and discuses his love for Milan in a short film entitled ‘Made in Milan’ by the acclaimed director Martin Scorsese.

Made in Milan 1990 (Rare Martin Scorsese Documentary on Giorgio Armani)

Armani website – http://www.armani.com
Armani on Twitter – https://twitter.com/armani
Armani on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/armani/
Armani on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ARMANI
Armani on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/Armani

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