Airbnb co-founder speaks at the Oxford Union


Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky takes some time out to visit the Oxford Union and discuss the history and envisioned future of the company. The story of how the company was created is one of the more remarkable accounts that can inspire the entrepreneurial spark in practically anyone. The journey for Airbnb has not been easy and many still see the company as a ‘novelty’ that is on borrowed time and will end up the same way as a number of other tech companies that have been overvalued and overhyped in bearish boom cycles of growth.

Time will tell whether the optimists or pessimists will be right. For now the story of their success can be observed and studied, then it may propel future entrepreneurs to dream big and create companies that fill a need in a specific marketplace.

Brian shares his advice for entrepreneurs on their journey, and even though each person’s journey will be different there is a great deal of value that can be garnered from Chesky’s words.

One aspect of Brian Chesky’s journey that is fascinating is his background in design. A large number of people still hold on to the belief that a technology company can only be started by technology founders. This is a false belief and Chesky along with others have proved that. It certainly is necessary to be able to put together a team that can make your vision happen.

‘Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.’ – Brian Chesky


Brian Chesky | Full Q&A | Oxford Union

Entrepreneur: Brian Chesky

Institution: Oxford Union

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