An interview with the billionaire media mogul John Malone


John Malone is one of the most powerful individuals in the media business and one of his companies Liberty Media has purchased the Formula One Group for over $4 billion. Malone’s companies also have stakes in companies such as: Discovery Communications Inc., Virgin Media, Live Nation Entertainment, Viacom, Time Warner, Inc., QVC and a plethora of other companies.

Just one of his companies, Liberty Global is the largest cable operator in Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Poland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

‘Predictable income streams are much more valuable than volatile ones. ‘Cause you can leverage them…’ - John Malone

This is a monumental achievement to think that Malone was not born into an immensely wealthy family. He was born in 1941 in Connecticut and attended the prestigious Hopkins School in New Haven, and then went to Yale University in the early 1960s and achieved the highest honour possible from a liberal arts institution ‘Phi Beta Kappa’ (philosophy is the guide to life) in 1963. After gaining a PDH at Johns Hopkins University he started his career at Bell Telephone Laboratories, then he moved on to the consulting firm McKinsey & Company in 1968, and from there he managed to see opportunities of how he could maximize value for the companies that he would work with.

‘The question really is, ‘What’s the revenue model?’ - John Malone

During his dialogue with Trygve Myhren he goes into detail about how he achieved what he did and how he sees the landscape and opportunities that his companies are involved with.

‘Entrepreneurs will always be able to take an asset, leverage it up, operate it tightly and make it worth money to them and get good equity returns.’ - John Malone


John Malone: Oral and Video Collection Interview

Entrepreneur: John Malone

Company: Liberty Media

Interviewer: Trygve Myhren

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