Anisometric meets Jordan Carver

Jordan grew up in a modest household in Trier, which is a small town in Germany on the border of Luxembourg. Jordan spent her years working as a makeup artist until one day, a fashion photographer asked her to pose for some pictures… and the rest is history!




Anisometric: Hello Jordan, thanks for taking the time out speak with us. What does the idea of beauty mean to you, and does it play an important part in your work?

Jordan Carver: Well beauty comes in all variations in my opinion because every person is different and every person is attracted to something different. But what I can say so far imperfection makes people more attractive and beautiful to me. In my business it’s important to look good, stay in shape and take care of yourself but I guess I would do it no matter what kind of job I have.



A: Where do you find your inspiration?

JC: Right now all my inspiration comes from Instagram. Sometimes I search for images and photographers to get ideas. And Instagram is the perfect platform for this.



A: What do you think are the qualities that have contributed most to your success?

JC: Well we all know and no one would disagree my look.



A: What advice would you give to people wishing to get to the top in your industry?

JC: It always depends in what kind of model business you are seeking for. In the “glamour industry” I’m in its very important to also think about the future. It’s the ugly truth but I am not getting younger and there are always younger and more beautiful girls out there.


Thank you so much Jordan, and to see more of Jordan you can visit her links below.

Jordan Carver Website

Jordan Carver Instagram

Jordan Carver Twitter

Jordan Carver Youtube channel

Jordan Carver Facebook


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