Anisometric meets Playboy’s Amber Bassick

What does the idea of beauty mean to you?

Beauty means to me mostly what’s on the outside. It is having well maintained hair and perfect makeup. In my profession it is a must to be picture ready all the time, as a model, we are judged by the way that we look. But in fact that really is not true, beauty is something that comes from inside, an inner peace and happiness. If you don’t have the inner sparkle people wont see your true beauty what makes us unique and stand out from others.




Where do you find your inspiration?

I often look and compare myself to the top models; I love Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell… They have worked hard and have come very far.
But who really inspires me is my mum, I love her to bits and she is the person who keeps me motivated when everything falls down hill.





What do you think are the qualities that have contributed most to your success?

I find that a hard question to answer as I don’t like crediting myself lol… unfortunately I don’t have the height of a fashion model, at 1,65 I often hear at shoots that I am in perfect proportion.




What advice would you give to people wishing to get to the top in your industry?

The best advice I think is to stay yourself, don’t let others and negative situations get you down. Stay focused and believe in yourself. It’s all about the mind-set! If the mind is positive you can achieve anything.




Thank you so much Amber, we look forward to seeing much more of you.

You can see more of Amber at these various websites shown below.

Model: Amber Bassick – Facebook, Instagram, Model Mayhem

Photography: Matthias Zabinski, Dino Mascioli, Gunther Frans

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