Anisometric meets Polina Logunova

Anisometric: Hello Polina, we would love to find out more about you and hear your thoughts on the idea of beauty inside or outside of your industry.

Polina: I am a famous TV-host, fashion model and actress. I’ve spent many years in show business and have seen enough to know all the pros and cons of these professions. I can identify whether a person is a prospective star or just another pretentious person who is looking for the possibility to sell oneself for as much as possible! Show business can be described with one characteristic – “burlesque”, everything related to this field of activity has two sides of the coin, but like everything else, these aspects are completely different and differ from each other as the two poles of the Earth, and black and white, believe me!



The desire to be on covers and to become popular has conquered the minds of young beauties (and some who are not really) with no clear direction. Moths fly into the light and burn because they can’t stop in time and understand who they are in life, or what they want!

We will talk about the modeling industry now! Girls’ prejudices swaddle their minds and their desire to become a princess with an entourage of stylists and producers drives them crazy! They look at angels VS girls and are ready to do anything to be in their place, to be seen as beauties all over the world and to be recognized in order to drown out their complexes and fears! To be the most beautiful is the goal of many!


Let’s analyze, what is beauty?

I’ll start with the great Sharon Stone who said: “A truly beautiful woman is always kind to other women and to people in general. She rejects rivalry, intrigue and dirty tricks.”

“The beauty of the soul gives charm even to nondescript body, just as ugliness of the soul puts on the most magnificent creation and for the finest parts of the body some special mark, which excites in us an inexplicable aversion.” – Gotthold Lessing

Here’s the answer! Beauty begins within the soul and thoughts! If you are a model, in addition to your beautiful chest and press coverage on the photos that you have, bring life into your eyes, everyone must be willing to put on swimwear and clothes to sell in such a way that there must be queues of people who are willing to wear this, because is it not the clothes that adorns the person, but the person that adorns the clothes. It is important not to get lost against the background of things, and it is important not be just a coat hanger, sorry, and I do not really like the model who weighs as much as my breakfast with a blank stare into the void and walks with refined gait!


What is the phenomenon of Victoria’s Secret? The brand was created in order to help men to choose underwear for their ladies and all the girls (well, almost all), please note, mere angels, in their eyes there is life and light, they do not go down the runway, and fly, they step their legs like lead columns, cutting the air with confidence.


When you become popular and famous, you have a great responsibility to those who are looking at you, who, flipping through magazines want to be like you, they begin to be interested in you and are willing to learn more and more about you, your personal life, your diet, cosmetics that you use and so on. And then comes the moment of truth, you must understand that you are an example; it is an honor that cannot be betrayed. You’re the standard of beauty, but this is not enough, you should not allow anybody to perceive you as another pretty doll. You should be educated, wise, capricious, special and real, interesting and charismatic! If you talk about me, no one would have thought that I was an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, I love books, crafts, family comfort, obsessed with health and my family ever suffer from what I teach them what to eat and how to look after yourself. I love psychology and often my “star friends” write to me only when they feel bad, it’s not that I am pleased to be a vest, which they blow their noses on, but I definitely like it when people are unarmed and sincere with me. Self-improvement is the path to eternal life, you will always interesting, relevant, and can leave behind a legacy, to give an example, with which people, looking at you, will be able to get better.

Anisometric: Thank you so much Polina, that was an absolutely breathtaking piece and we look forward to hearing a lot more from you. To discover more about Polina please visit her links below.

Polina’s website

Polina’s Instagram

Polina’s Facebook

Polina’s Twitter


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