Anita Roddick and the story of The Body Shop


Anita Roddick was an entrepreneur who made a lasting impression in the business world for her ability to create a successful brand and balance it with a conscience for contributing to worthy causes.

She founded The Body Shop in 1976, which is now one of the leading cosmetics and skin care brands in the world with over 3,000 stores in over 60 countries.

Roddick recites the story of why the Body Shop was created with a desire to create ethically sourced and produced products. Roddick explains the challenges she experienced with getting the first store opened and how they managed to open additional locations quickly.

This growth allowed The Body Shop to be listed on the Unlisted Securities Market in 1984 and this allowed the company to raise more capital. The challenges of running a public company and simultaneously having ethical objectives made it difficult at times for Roddick, and she managed to traverse the treacherous paths producing regular growth and being true to her passions.

Roddick attracted more attention in the public arena due to her pursuits and the reputation of the company grew.

In 2006 the L’Oréal cosmetics company bought The Body Shop for £652 million, and this caused controversy in some areas because Roddick was perceived as ‘selling out’ to a company that had gone against the interests of The Body Shop by using animal testing for its cosmetics products. Roddick explains her reasons for the same in her presentation.

Roddick and her husband Gordon were also involved with providing the initial investment for another business called The Big Issue, which is a newspaper that is sold by people who are homeless in order to provide them an income to live and provide a better life for themselves by working and not asking for charity.

Roddick died in 2007 and she understood the need for entrepreneurs to follow their own guts and she has inspired a new generation of female entrepreneurs around the world to follow in her footsteps and create a brighter world for the future.

‘There is no scientific answer for success. You can’t define it. You’ve simply got to live it and do it.’ – Anita Roddick


Anita Roddick – My Story (The Body Shop)

Entrepreneur: Anita Roddick

Company: The Body Shop

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