Billionaire designer Tony Fadell on Bloomberg’s Studio 1.0


Tony Fadell is a designer and entrepreneur that has helped to shape the modern world with products that people use everyday. Fadell is often called the ‘Godfather of the iPod.’ Fadell obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1991. After he graduated from Michigan he worked at the Apple spinoff company General Magic that was co-founded by the iconic Apple engineers Bill Atkinson and Andy Hertzfeld, there Fadell experienced working with leading technology brands such as Sony, Motorola and Toshiba.

In 1995 the technology company Philips hired Fadell to become a director of engineering and he moved up to becoming a Vice President of Strategy and Ventures where he oversaw digital strategy and implementation for software and hardware devices.

In 1999 he launched a startup called Fuse, which did not work out to plan, although he had the idea for what would later become the iPod. Fadell joined Apple in 2001 and pitched the idea to Steve Jobs and would obtain permission to run the project. The iPod proved to be a huge success and marked a new direction for Apple, which would make Apple the most successful technology company in the world.

Fadell left Apple in 2008, and in 2010 he launched his new company called Nest Labs that would focus on product design for the home that would incorporate software and smart technology. Google acquired the company in 2014 for $3.2 billion and Fadell headed the Google Glass division until June 2016.

Fadell speaks to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang about his career.


Nest CEO Tony Fadell on Studio 1.0

Channel: Bloomberg

Interviewer: Emily Chang

Entrepreneur: Tony Fadell

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