Discover the only two things that you can control


There are so many individuals and organizations that have a pessimistic view of the world, they speak of ‘the end of days’ and things not being the same as ‘the good old days.’

Unfortunately or fortunately depending upon your perspective this presents a problem or an opportunity to make the most of a situation.

The way things are now is the new normal. The good old days are never coming back again in the same way that they did before. It is always important to be able to create new experiences, take advantage of current opportunities and usher in a new golden age.

‘The golden age is before us, not behind us.’ – William Shakespeare

So here are two things that anyone can use to take control of any situation.

  1. You can control your thoughts

Gautama Buddha once said, ‘We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.’ Those words were spoken thousands of years ago, and were drawn from traditions of philosophical thought that existed thousands of years before that time.

To be able to be in total control of your thoughts is something that takes a long time to be able to do, and an experiment to try is this.

The task is to focus on a candle light for two minutes without being distracted. This is incredibly difficult the first time around, and a person is likely to be distracted within a few seconds.

To be able to focus on your most important goal and stick to it until you succeed is a thing that will separate the winners from the losers.

It is vital to surround yourself with people that have the type of life that you want to live, or at the very least, learn from them. A specific way is to study their autobiographies, listen to their lectures, and spend as much time in their presence as possible.

  1. You can control your actions

Your thoughts can influence your actions and at other times your actions will influence your thoughts.

The amount of effort that a person can exert is also a thing that is totally within the control an individual.

The bridge that links thoughts and actions are always decisions. The author Tony Robbins said that, ‘It is in our moments of decision that our destinies are shaped.’

The actions that a person will take will be in relation to his or her goals and purpose. There are so many factors that are outside of a persons control such as: friends, partners, the economy, the weather, industry trends, business cycles, markets, prices and so on, and yet the only thing that really matters is how much you really want to achieve your goal, and what you are willing to do every day to achieve it.

That is the secret that many people have yet to understand.

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