Do the right thing

For most people they strive for the path of least resistance, and there is a reluctance to do anything that requires more effort than necessary to accomplish.

This makes perfectly good sense and can be surmised in a principle known as Ockham’s razor. This principle can be traced back thousands of years and in Aristotle’s work the Posterior Analytics he states, “We may assume the superiority of the demonstration which derives from fewer postulates or hypotheses.”

It certainly can be said that the easy path can often become more difficult, while the difficult path can become easier.

The right thing to do will require courage with an assurance that there is no guarantee of success or rewards that will equate to the amount of effort that is exerted.

Although many would like to believe that there is such a things as karma and justice I would not hold to such a proposition. There are those who enjoy riches, reputation, titles, and admiration from ill-gotten gains while there are others who have lived a pious existence and will die being despised for the very reason that they should be admired for their courage.

“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall” – William Shakespeare

It certainly is true that not all success can be determined by money and wealth, and yet if you would insert your personal criteria in the place of wealth then you will be able to judge whether the people who always do the right thing are always rewarded.

The right thing is not related to a reward apart from those that are found within the confines of the mind, however by continual application of the right thing that will increase the chances of a significant reward as long as the intention is clear and the effort is consistent.

Taking the deceptively easy path often leads to frustration, as many will lack the necessary patience to persevere.

Today the spurious solution for many problems are analogous to a pill that is imbibed and expected to work in minutes in order to cure problems that have been accumulating for years.

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