Earl Nightingale on recognizing opportunity


Earl Nightingale was one of the foremost authorities on personal development within the last 50 years and his influence casts a lengthy shadow over many of the leading thinkers and influencers of the present day.

He speaks about Russell Conwell who was the founder of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who gave over 6,000 speeches to raise money for his university.

Earl shares the story and reminds us that it is vital to always look at and examine our own situation before trying to follow what others do.

Success has been defined as the progressive realisation of a worthy goal or ideal, and this must be in accord with our own personal vision. In addition to this we must also be of service to others because every single penny that we make will come from other people. It will either be because we provide them with products and services that they need or want, and in a number of cases, wants are perceived with a higher value than needs.

The British statesman Benjamin Disraeli once said, ‘The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes.’ There are constantly opportunities that abound, and we must constantly be aware of them and prepare ourselves to maximize them.

Earl provides 3 pieces of information that is important for everyone to be able to study 3 subjects to rise about the competition

1. Your company and its industry
2. Your job and your next career step
3. People skills / psychology / sociology

Earl also provides 12 points to remember for future reference and to put into action

1. Explore the work that you are currently engaged in
2. Realise that your own pasture is green – and unlimited
3. The way you go about your job makes it good or bad
4. Let yourself grow – avoid self-limitation
5. Start preparing yourself for opportunities – NOW
6. Put your imagination to work on ways of improving what you are now doing
7. Learn all you can about your job, your company and your industry
8. There’s no limit to your growth potential
9. Any economy needs and will reward the uncommon person who participates in its growth
10. Build your library of reference material on your company, industry, your job and people skills
11. Set aside an hour a day for study and research
12. Remember the story of the acres of diamonds


Earl Nightingale – Acres of Diamonds

Presenter: Earl Nightingale

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