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The philosopher and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, ‘To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.’ It does take a great deal of courage to dare to be different, and although many agree the reality is that the fear of being different is a terrifying thing for many.

The name Anisometric means to not be isometric. To be isometric is to conform to a predictable determined arrangement where everything is the same. Anisometric is the opposite and it means to stand out, or to be outstanding.

The Anisometric philosophy is to stand out and differentiate ourselves in everything that we do, and this has enabled us to lead the fields in the areas that we occupy. We are always aware that the world and events within it are constantly changing.

One person who champions the practice of differentiation within business is the cofounder of PayPal Peter Thiel, and although his philosophy on many subjects differs from the Anisometric point of view, in relation to differentiation and uniqueness, we are on the same page.

The thing that will really take any business to the next level will be their ability to differentiate and scale beyond their competition to be in a category of their own.

Another thing that we would agree with Peter Thiel on is to be wary of people using buzzwords that they think are ‘on trend’ such as: ‘big data’, ‘educational software’, ‘saas (software as a service’, ‘enterprise software’ and so on.

Unfortunately many are hypnotized by the hype and pomp of buzzwords without the substance of delivering tangible results. So-called experts are reeling off terms like: ‘mobile’, ‘social’, ‘millennial’, ‘app’, ‘monetize’, ‘fin tech’ and so many worn out clichés that mean nothing to building a substantial business that delivers genuine value to a specific market.

‘Every trend that you hear about is overrated and overvalued.’ – Peter Thiel


Peter Thiel

Speaker: Peter Thiel

Company: Anisometric

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