Focusing is about saying no


Stories of greatness often arise where an individual has engaged in an incredible amount of sacrifice, suffering and determination to achieve success. The distinguished author and speaker Earl Nightingale described success as ‘the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.’

This is understandable and clearly describes the framework for which success can be judged. At the same time the act of really being able to focus is not just the things that we concentrate on, also what must be considered are the things that we do allow to hinder our progress.

‘Focusing is about saying no.’ – Steve Jobs

This means saying no to things that we know will not allow us to achieve our objectives, and this also means that we should say no to things that we think are interesting or nice to do.

If it does not meet with your highest priority objectives then if should not be started, and if started then it should be eliminated before any more time is wasted on it.

This is an extremely difficult thing to do, as there is no guarantee of any decision being correct in advance, and yet this is the only way to make sure that you are not being bogged down with unnecessary tasks, which take time away from your most important activities.

‘We had to decide what are the fundamental directions we’re going in. And what makes sense and what doesn’t.’ – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs on focus

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