How does Uber visualise the data of their users?


The transportation and technology company Uber has caused a stir since its arrival in 2009, and now is playing its part in the way that transportation is being changed in cities around the world. The company was Founded by serial entrepreneurs Garret Camp and Travis Kalaniak with the goal of being able to get a taxi while in Paris.

The company has attracted more than its fair share of criticism with much of it being directed at their outspoken co-founder Travis.

The company has received a significant amount of funding and although it has generated revenues of over $6 billion made a loss of $2 billion in 2016. Uber still has a sizable market share and time will tell how things will turn out for the company.

One thing that Uber are doing to a very high level is their ability to capture and visualize data in an informative, stylish and useful way. Software engineer Shan He gives and overview of what they are doing.


Uber Engineering: Data visualization at Uber

Speaker: Shan He

Company: Uber

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