How to keep going when things are going against you


An interesting thing that affects a person is how they deal with adversity. Do they break down or do they overcome their challenges?

The answer lies within each individual because the factors that operate within a particular environment are based on subjective judgements. Listed below will be a few ways that will aid the journey to overcome difficult times.

We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. –  Barbara De Angelis


1. Never forget your big why

Your big why is simply your purpose known by another name. Often people allow themselves to be beaten and pulled into negative dispositions because they are swayed in directions that move them from where they really want to be.

It is very difficult to feel negative when you are moving in the right direction, as a consequence your ability to keep your attention in the direction of your most prominent goals will provide a suitable focus when things get tough.

If you do not currently have a big reason why you are doing the things that you do then it would be a good idea to begin to think about it in more detail. One way to help you is this work here –

 2. Take time out to think

The practice of thinking has almost become a rare commodity as many people are ‘plugged in’ and ‘logged on’ from the moment that they awaken to the moment that they retire at night.

The trick is to think about the things that you want to happen in your life, and not to dwell despondently on failures or mistakes of the past.

A skill that is particularly important in this regard is the ability to be able to reframe negative dispositions into positive ones. In some ways this may appear like mental trickery, and to some degree it is, however you are simply looking at the same situation from a new perspective.

A common example of this type of thinking would be to look at a glass of water with a certain amount of liquid in it, and ask whether the glass would be half empty or half full. The true answer would entirely depend upon your beliefs and perspective that you brought to the issue.

Another way to reframe a situation could be to think differently. Instead of thinking that you are in a deep hole, you could think of yourself as climbing upwards towards your goal. Alternatively, instead of seeing a situation as a detrimental problem, you could perceive it as a challenge to be overcome. There are some people that love a challenge, and it truly brings out the best in them by stretching their potential to levels that


 3. Create a compelling vision

An additional way to keep going is to create a vision. This is where your creativity will really be useful, and although some may think that they are not creative, every person has the ability to think creatively even if they do not have exceptional artistic or written skills.

If you do not have artistic or photographic skills then you can simply use images from around for inspiration. You can take pictures of things that inspire you, and create vision boards to energise you.

The things that you could create a vision for are only limited by your own imagination. You could create visions for: places to live, destinations to visit, dream jobs, luxury items, and even potential spouses.

The practice of being able to see success before it happens is something that winners and high achievers are especially good skilled at. In this regard being a dreamer is a desirable thing to be. For assistance on how to do this then you can contact us here –


4. Get inspired by examples of greatness

To be inspired is an exceptional way to think positively. One way that will really help any person’s journey is to study the lives of successful and inspirational people.

There have been a plethora of examples in which inspirational people have overcome all types of challenges and obstacles to achieve great things. So if those people could achieve what they did with their situations then they could inspire other journeys.

The people around you could also inspire you and hopefully you will have friends that will help you to overcome any negative circumstances. Heroes and heroines walk among us everyday and are often overlooked and taken for granted in many instances.

Also it is essential to remember that it is impossible to be positive and upbeat for every moment of every minute of every day, and the depressing moments that we face are in relation to the upbeat times, and our victories taste sweeter when we have experienced temporary setbacks and obstacles.

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