How to network successfully in the real world


It may be conceivable to wonder why a person would be interested in networking in the real world when they could simply log on to a plethora of social network applications that are frequented by billions of people who are eager and willing to engage in conversations, transactions, relations, speculations, self-gratification, and agitations. This of course is not exclusively applicable to the domain of online networks, and yet the conduct of an individual typically differs when engaging in online activity as opposed to the real world.

There is a principle called ‘correspondence’ and this means that a person’s reality is a direct reflection of what is going on within his or her own thoughts, and this will mean that the effectiveness of any technology will be largely due to how the technology is used, and by how uses it.

To illustrate this I will relay a story that was told to me a while ago. There are many variations to this story but the message is clear and distinctive.

There was once a factory that had a huge production line, and the production line was comprised of complex conveyor belt systems, then one evening this entire system broke down. The manager called for a technician to fix the problem. The technician arrived and after speaking to the manager for a short time went to work by carefully inspecting the situation. The technician then went to a casing unit that contained a great number of wires and objects, the technician then went into this box of tools and pulled out a small hammer. He gently tapped his hammer on a small lever and within a very short amount of time the conveyor belt and machinery started to roar into action. He put his hammer away and went to see the manager of the factory. The manager thanked him and asked him how much the payment would be. The technician got out a pen and paper and wrote out a bill for $10,000. The manager was furious and proclaimed that the technician was only working for 2 minutes at the most. The manager demanded an itemized bill that showed exactly what he would be paying for. The technician sent an itemized bill that said:

Tapping the hammer                               $1.00

Knowing where to tap the hammer        $9,999

The manager smiled and made preparations to pay the bill after he had learnt a valuable but costly lesson.

There are a few individuals who use social media and know where to ‘tap their hammers’ in the right way to achieve enormous success. These individuals are in a very exclusive minority, and even then success in social media terms is not always clearly defined. Is a person that has 1million people in their network 10 times more successful than another person who has 100,000? Is a person who has 1,000 people in their network 50 times worse off than another who has 50,000? Does the quantity of people in a network outweigh the quality? Which is the best way to measure success in a social network? Is it money? Is it endorsements? Or followers? Or likes? Or subscribers? Or is it some other measure? Often people get into a trend because ‘everyone else is doing it’ but have no real idea why they are doing it, and as a result they often end up with poor results.

I am a huge fan of social media and have managed to work with exceptionally distinguished clients on every inhabited continent on this planet. In addition to that I have made some incredible connections in real life with people that I could have only ever met through a social network. I have worked with billion dollar corporations, celebrities, Playboy Playmates, Sports Illustrated models, distinguished publications, and so on all from my activity on social networks.

I mention how I met some of them in my book entitled ‘7 things that all entrepreneurs need to know in order to achieve success’ and you can find out how I did it here –

I want to find out now


I will speak more about social networks in the future and for now I want to address the issue of what to do when you have to interact with real people in a social setting.

The topics may appear obvious at first glance, and yet if a person is not benefiting from them then they do not embody the reality, but merely intellectually understand the meaning of those particular words.

There is an old proverb that says, ‘to know and not to act is still not to know.’

So the ultimate test to see how skilled you are will be within an environment of new people that you have never met before.

Over the next few posts I will address a specific subject for each post in relation to how to network successfully.


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