How to understand the secret of success

One day a young man went to see a wise master in order to find the secret of success.

The master said, ‘meet me tomorrow at the beach at 4am and I will teach you the secret that you desire to know.’

The young man turned up at 4am the next day in his finest clothes and the master said, ‘come with me, we will walk in the water and do not stop until I tell you to.’

They both walked into the water, and the water level rose above the young mans knees and the master kept walking, it rose to his waist and the master kept walking, it rose to his neck and the master kept walking, the water got above his nose, and the master stopped walking.

The young man felt anxious but he trusted the master. At that moment the master forcibly grabbed the young man and held his head under the water. The young man was panicking because he thought that he would drown, but the master was much too strong. The young man felt his life flash before his eyes as he remembered his life until that point. The young man believed that he would die and began to fight and struggle with all of his power. He felt the water rise in his nose, ears, and mouth then at that moment the master let me up.

The young man was coughing, spluttering, and gasping for breath while water exited his nose and ears.

The master said, ‘now you have it. You now know.’

The young man said, ‘you are insane and you almost killed me. Why would you do that?’

The master said, ‘now you understand the secret of success… when you want success and will fight for it as much as your desire to breathe, then you will become successful. Everything else is merely wishing.’

The young man understood what he needed to do from that moment forth.

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