Jeff Bezos on Artificial Intelligence and the future of Amazon


Jeff Bezos is enjoying an incredible amount of success at the moment, and his company is at the leading edge of commerce and technology. is now the most valuable retailer on the planet as has overtaken Walmart to do this. The company has been in existence since 1994 and is already a veteran in the field of e-commerce and digital technology.

Jeff Bezos was born in 1964 and showed a keen ability for scientific endeavours from an early age. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Princeton University in 1986.

Bezos worked on Wall Street for a number of investment firms and he saw the immense about of opportunity that was being fuelled by the emergence of the World Wide Web. In 1994 Bezos left his employer the global investment management firm D.E. Shaw & Co. to take a chance on seizing his opportunity.

Bezos launched his venture and interestingly enough the name of his company ‘Cadabra’ and only changed after he received some negative feedback associated to the name, he then changed it to Amazon to signify the intended growth of the company and never looked back.

Jeff Bezos speaks to Michael Beckerman from the Internet Association and goes into his plans for the future and how he could scale and grow Amazon from such a dominant position in the market.

Jeff Bezos speaks to Michael Beckerman

Entrepreneur: Jeff Bezos


Interviewer: Michael Beckerman

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