Lessons in business from the billionaire mogul Ted Turner


Ted Turner is the founder of the Cable News Network (CNN) and a whole host of other enterprises. He is a billionaire and made his fortune through the rise of the emerging cable television expansion.

He lost his father and sister in a short space of time and had to step up to take control of the family business, which sold billboard-advertising space. He grew the business significantly and that allowed him to expand into other areas.

‘I didn’t care what, how much adversity life threw at me. I intended to get to the top.’ Ted Turner

First he moved into radio stations, and then he bought a TV station in Atlanta called WJRJ. His breakthrough came when he was able to use a satellite to broadcast content, and he realised that he could have nationwide coverage by using satellite technology. He made deals across the nation and increased his subscriber base to generate revenues of millions.

In 1980 Turner launched CNN and it was revolutionary for the time and enjoyed a prime position in the space while the competition prepared to launch alternatives into the nascent space. Turner continued to create new companies to feed the increasing demand for entertainment that was growing in the US at the time.

His network merged with Time Warner, Inc. in 1996 and he was relieved of his duties as the head of the company. Turner is actively involved in philanthropy and has joined a number of initiatives to provide aid and assistance to a number of causes around the globe.

He remains a controversial and outspoken figure on a number of issues, and yet one thing that is never in doubt is his ability to win and never take no for an answer.

All my life people have said that I wasn’t going to make it. Ted Turner


Ted Turner speaks to the Academy of Achievement

Channel: Academy of Achievement

Entrepreneur: Ted Turner

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