Never lose sight of your goals

Whatever journey you find yourself on, you will come up against resistance from other forces. Some of those will be incidental in their attempts to inhibit your progress and others will be intentional.

Often the loss of momentum leads to stagnation in regards to goal achievement. This is an opportunity to take control of the situation even though some events will be outside of your control. That may sound like an contradiction until you understand that the external events can determine factors, but your thoughts and will can control how your interpret those events. Ultimately this will create the meaning that will influence your response.

It is vital to never ever lose sight of the end goal; even if the only place that you can see it is within your mind.

So remember that there will always be distractions that will knock you off course, but it will be your ability to focus and persist that will be the difference between the people have make it and those who will forever blame others for their own failings.

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