Place your vision upon a firm foundation


I was reminded of a blissful quote by the thinker Henry David Thoreau that inspired some thoughts. The quote is:

‘If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.’

It is a common occurrence for many individuals to drift with the fluctuating currents of life while aiming to fulfill a number of objectives simultaneously. The difficulty with this situation is that the focus of an individual tends to be distorted as they are pulled and from one destination to another.

The chances of achieving success in situations like these oscillate between slim and none at all, as the Chinese proverb states, ‘if you chase two rabbits at the same time, you will not catch either.’ The vision that an individual holds must be fixed firmly within their minds and acted upon within the domain of their activities.

It is lamentable to have nothing to aim for, and it may be argued that compelling visions and goals provide the necessary impetus for life.

In addition to that although a vision may not be visible to the eye it must be conceivable to the mind and fashioned clearly with conviction. This may be further strengthened when we understand that the way that we think about things manifests or repels them from our reality. Moreover, this self-talk also plays a significant part. An individual may talk himself or herself out of achieving success if they believe within the confines of their unconscious mind that they do not deserve that success.

The most essential thing is to never stop thinking about your vision, no matter how far off your objective may be. This is probably the biggest challenge in relation to this, and it must happen in order to procure that vision.

The next part of that achievement will tie together the Henry David Thoreau quote. This is where your purpose comes in, and this is the foundational element that must be there to provide the stability to reach your vision.

If a person only thinks of grand visions without aligning those thoughts with specific actions, then they are very likely to remain in a dream state, and conversely if a person remains grounded and can only envisage their environment that is immediately visible, they may be locked into a reality of their current circumstances. Either way leads to a lack of proportioned balance.

A purpose is arguably the most essential thing that any successful person will have. A huge tree will only get to that size if the roots are strong enough to handle its growth, and the same principle holds for a skyscraper building. The success of the building will be determined by how solid the foundations are to support that structure.

It is difficult to know where to start in regards to knowing your purpose, or sticking to it once it is established. For this reason as well as others we have written a book that covers the topic of how to create and discover your own purpose. For more information you can see more here –

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