Play to win

Whether an individual resides within the sphere of the corporate world, or a realm of some other distinction it is necessary to understand that it is essential to make the best of each situation.

In many they hold within them a distemper of mind in relation to winning, they are swallowed with waves of doubt and deluged with insecurities and indecision.

The remedy for this lies within the ability to envisage the success that is to be achieved before the event has manifested itself, and to untie prudent actions alongside fancied visions.

The degree of ferocity that one approaches their object of desire is in proportion to the amount of confidence that one entertains in the ability to achieve that objective.

The way that each individual can judge their progress is to look about at their current situation, their desires, and their actions in relation to their desires.

It is right to want to win, and although some will entertain a feeling of shame by getting ahead of others there is no disgrace in winning if it is achieved with a sense of honour, respect and dignity.

Simultaneously the act of winning can be looked at as the victory for the self and not always over others. Either way to win is the thing that provides an immense sense of pleasure and accomplishment, although this pleasure is insatiable for those who entertain an intemperate disposition.

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