Raise your standards

For many it is always a comfortable thing to move at the pace that one is already accustomed to, and to increase ones pace can be an inconvenience that can lead to frustration.

Often the difference between a person that achieves lofty feats and another who laments their existence in frustration is partly the awareness of the standards that they adhere to.

Some have no control over their passions, while others will pay the price for accomplishment whatever the cost.

Things become more complicated when an incontinent person reasons that they may not be able to achieve greatness, so they make do with things that are easy to quench their lusty thirst for desire. In a certain sense this is sound reasoning, and yet this reasoning could be based upon erroneous premises.

How is one to know how high one can climb unless one is prepare to open up the possibility within the mind and adhere to them with every day actions?

The answer lies within this quote from John Milton, ‘The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.’

If one can become the best that can be, then one should become the best and not allow anyone or anything to oppose their progress… even if one has to overcome their own self-doubt to achieve this.

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