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Nelson Mandela once said, ‘It always seems impossible until its done’ and there are times within the lives of many where the way out appears to be bleak or even non-existent.

There appears to be a curious phenomenon where a path manifests itself to success once a decision has been made to persevere through tempestuous waters of difficulty. The explanation for this almost defies a logical account, except to say that a person must be able to overcome obstacles even when there is no clear way out.

A strong sense of belief is sometimes the only tangible thing that exists in a place of gloom and doom. Maybe those words that I just mentioned gloom and doom are part of the problem, and by that I mean that one person if they find themselves in a situation they would call it a ‘problem’ and another person would call that same situation an ‘opportunity’ so how then could the same situation provide two different outcomes and results?

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One person who clearly had their values defined was the billionaire founder of Patron Tequila and Paul Mitchell systems, John Paul Dejoria, and he reveals his keys to success here after he found himself homeless with a young son to provide for and had to find a way to both lift himself from his situation and build a business simultaneously.

His feats inspire awe, admiration and reverence, and there is a message there that any individual can face when the emaciated and uncomely hand of misfortune tugs at our garments in an attempt to arrest our development.

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Interviewer: Bloomberg

Entrepreneur: John Paul Dejoria

Paul Mitchell Systems

Patron Tequila

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