Sir Alex Ferguson on how he achieved his success


Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the most successful leaders of the last century, and although leadership is frequently perceived of in terms of politicians, generals or entrepreneurs, Sir Alex Ferguson has excelled in the arena of sport. His role as the manager of Manchester United football club lasted for over 26 years between 1986 and 2013 and his record of success is unmatched by anyone else within the sport.

The billionaire based venture capitalist Michael Moritz who was an early investor of Apple and Google studied the performance of Ferguson in the light of how a leader operates and runs an organization. Moritz wrote a book called Leadership with Ferguson to gain a deeper understanding of how he managed to obtain the incredible performance out of his players for over a quarter of a century.

The professor of Business Administration and expert on sport and entertainment Anita Elberse uses the performance of Ferguson’s teams to study in her courses at Harvard University.

Ferguson stresses the importance of discipline and self-discipline. Often people focus about what happens on the pitch as a determinate for success, and for Ferguson the habits of discipline happen with the small things that occur before the bigger events occur.

A vital trait that was prevalent for every single team that Ferguson managed was that they would keep fighting until the very last minute, and a number of times they would be able to win a game in the last minute. They would always keep fighting until the end and would never ever give up.

In this documentary Ferguson speaks about his methodology along with contributions from associates and players that he has worked with along the way including Cristiano Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand, Ryan Giggs and others.


Sir Alex Ferguson Documentary

Sir Alex Ferguson book: Leading

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