Take your opportunity when it appears

The author Napoleon Hill once said, ‘your big opportunity may be right where you are now.’ Those who cannot or will not see the abundance of circumstances that permeate their surroundings overlook this observation.

This lack of perceptive cognition is sometimes called a scotoma, and this is also known as a blind spot. A persons mind will become magnetised to the dominant thoughts and ideas that it entertains, therefore the ability to grab hold of the opportunities that abound will be in accordance with whether we expect to find opportunities or not.

Occasionally the ability to grasp your opportunity is something that an individual will consciously sabotage. It is common for many to entertain a fear of failure, and some individuals carry with them a fear of success. A popular question would be, how could anyone have a fear of success?

If we look at fear, the understanding of fear is in relation to the anticipation of consequences that will be unfavourable. Therefore the fear of success means that an individual will associate negative consequences or mixed associations to achieving success. Sometimes this fear can lead to paranoia, and the belief that people would attempt to steal their personal wealth, or fears could result in the disapproval of others within their peer group, some can perceive the accomplishment of success as ‘selling out’, others fear higher tax payments, others fear the amount of work that they believe that it takes, others fear success for a multitude of other reasons.

A remedy to overcome this fear is for the individual to re-frame or change the understanding of what success would mean to them, and in addition to that to be able to deal with each of the unfavourable scenarios in your mind before they occur, and to be able to deal with them if or when they happen.

The statesman Benjamin Disraeli articulated that, ‘One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.’

Unfortunately it will not be possible to be a success if we willingly or unconsciously neglect to grab the opportunities that we have in the moment to achieve success.

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