The Montblanc Story – Pioneering since 1906


To maintain an eminent position at the top of your industry for 10 years is a significant achievement, and to be able to maintain a premier position for a century is a phenomenal achievement.

The Montblanc Company was created in 1906 during a flourish of innovation and creativity that would later be called the modernist period. Events such as Einstein’s theory of special relativity in 1905, completely abstract works of art from Marcel Duchamp, along with experiments in aircraft travel would path the way for world that would be perceived in a completely different way from before.

Nevertheless Montblanc has survived where many have come and perished. The founders were Alfred Nehemias, a banker by trade and August Eberstein, an engineer who worked on creating pens, and their business was taken over by Wilhelm Dziambor, Christian Lausen and later Claus Johannes.

In 1909 their first model was named the ‘Rogue et Noir’ (Red & Black) and this would be followed a year later by a new model that would be called ‘Montblanc’ (White Mountain) which the company would derive its name from.

They incrementally improved their production and in 1924 they made a leap and they launched a pen that they named the ‘Meisterstück’ (masterpiece) and it still remains an iconic classic piece of design and engineering to this very day.

One of the fundamental principles of a luxury product is that it does not need to be upgraded and stands the test of time.

At the same time a company must be able to innovate in some way and Montblanc has continued to innovate through creative collaborations and partnerships without compromising the integrity of their products.


The Montblanc Story – Pioneering since 1906

Company: Montblanc

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