The unswerving principle of cause and effect


The principle of cause and effect is perpetually at work, and even though it is ever-present it is often ignored or misunderstood. This ignorance of this principle is usually manifested in terms of blame or misjudgement for something external to oneself. The principle plays no favourites and does not care for preferences of gender, race, religion or socio-economic status.

One either understands how the principle works or one does not. It is difficult to break habit patterns that have guided an individual to a specific destination. If a person is to receive a different result, then they must put into motion a different series of causes. It is that easy, and yet to break the habitual patterns of a lifetime may for some be impossible.

Earl Nightingale discusses the need to work on contributing our efforts in order to create service and value for the people that we work with. The rewards that we receive will be in relation to the amount and quantity of service that we render.


Earl Nightingale – The Rewards of Service

Speaker: Earl Nightingale

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