Think carefully before accepting gifts

Many would disagree, and they aim to procure as many gifts as possible. In addition to that when we look deeper we see a number of things.

The first can be surmised as the principle of reciprocity. For a more detailed analysis of this you can seek the work of Dr Robert Cialdini, his book entitled Influence: The Psychology of Persuasionis a must read for anyone that is serious about learning the secrets of social persuasion and influence.

The next thing is to understand that people will very rarely give you things that they believe are for your own good. We can look at this practice by drug dealers, who give small samples of drugs for free to individuals to get them ‘hooked’ and then they will find money by any means to feed their new expensive habit.

In sales this is known as a puppy dog close, and we see this universally with religious missionaries, credit card companies, advertisers, brands and marketers offering ‘free’ products and samples using a mixture of pleasure and pain inducing techniques.

Does that mean that nothing of value can be accrued from free gifts? I wouldn’t say so, at the same time it is prudent to remember that even when things do not have a high price, then they will typically have a high cost, that will increase over time.

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