What is the first step to achievement?


According to the author Napoleon Hill, The starting point of all achievement is desire. This desire must be present in order to provide the necessary impetus to achieve success.

A key factor of desire must be manifested by a burning passion for something. There must be a target that is aimed for that will influence the actions of an individual each day.

The surgeon Maxwell Maltz likened this desire to a servomechanism that is focused on a target but adjusts and recalculates based upon feedback from factors within an individuals particular circumstances.

A thing that disturbs the flow of many is that success often times does not happen the first time around. Usually there has to be a level of growth, development and adaptation in order to achieve a worthy goal.

A question to ask here is, can you clearly articulate your most important goal right now? If not then it is impossible to achieve it. A person cannot hit a target that is invisible.

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