Y Combinator: Building your company from start-up to $1 million


An essential factor in building any company will have a lot to do with sales and marketing. This will be true regardless of the industry or the product or service that is offered.

For some people that are involved in business they fear sales and do not see marketing as an essential function of their business and this is a mistake that may come back to significantly impact their business in a detrimental way.

The most salient factors of business failure has to do with poor sales and marketing ability, followed by poor cash flow management skills. Therefore if there is not enough revenue coming in or too much money going out then a business is in a lot of trouble.

A while ago the Y Combinator accelerator visited Stanford University for a series of events on how to launch and build a company. Success stories from the Y Combinator program include billion dollar companies such as Dropbox and Airbnb.

The founder of Clever Tyler Bosmeny speaks about the importance of sales and marketing.

Co-founder of Justin.tv and YC partner Michael Siebel goes through some of the fundamentals of making a good presentation for investors.

Founder of imeem and YC partner Dalton Caldwell and founder of Talkbin Qasar Younis go through scenarios of the right and wrong way to speak to potential investors.


Sales and Marketing + How to Talk to Investors

Speaker 1: Tyler Bosmeny

Speaker 2: Michael Siebel

Speaker 3: Dalton Caldwell

Speaker 4: Qasar Younis

Company: Y Combinator

Location: Stanford University

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